I’ve been making art for a long time. I always enjoyed drawing and painting, but growing up I was interested in science, history, literature, music, architecture… and now I like to think these interests come through in my art here and there.

In college I mostly studied photography and film, and I still do a fair amount of amateur photography. I painted a bit after college and then got into computers, first pursuing animation and motion graphics, then concentrating on 3D for video games. That career lasted nearly twenty years.

For the last five years or so I’ve been trying to get back to my roots, drawing and painting, though I still like to do a little digital work now and then. I’ve been showing work at the Fogue Gallery in Georgetown (just south of Seattle), WA, for about two years, and I soon expect to have work at Fogue West in West Seattle. If you can make it there I have work for sale, and if not, please check out my store page. Or contact me directly- I’m open for commissions!

Finally, if you’re curious about my week-to-week activities, visit me on Instagram!

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This is my oldest drawing. I want to say that it’s a person pointing at a spaceship in the stars. -Is that a Star Destroyer?
racecar spelled backwards is racecar. That’s a palindrome.
I once spent hours drawing these insane ‘supercars’, decked out with jet engines and various greeblies.
I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that I drew this around 1977. Star Wars had an absurd impact on my art as a child and I’m sure it still does. Ralph McQuarrie is one of my heroes. My mother collected sci-fi art books for me (primarily Stewart Cowley’s “Terran Trade Authority” series) and through these I saw the works of Jim Burns, Chris Foss, Angus McKie, Peter Elson, and Colin Hay. And then I found Giger and Heavy Metal…